More on Doctor Who

Some excellent posts I’ve been reading lately to understand more about my distaste with the show recently

  1. What Steven Moffat  doesn’t understand about grief, and why it’s killing Doctor Who by Sarah Siegel
  2. Doctor Who’s girl problem by Sarah Siegel
  3. Whovian Feminism Reviews “The Day of the Doctor” on Whovian Feminism (which is a fantastic blog about the feminism of Doctor. There are many interesting and deep analyses about the inherent sexism of the show which bug me a lot)
  4. This post by Amy on her Tumblr
  5. And this one too on Kittypython’s Tumblr

I’m not sure how I feel about Doctor Who right now. On one hand, I still love it, because I have devoted a lot of my time to it, but on the other hand, I feel disrespected as a viewer, and baffled at how you can just retcon an entire character’s arc and development in one episode. I don’t think I will ever understand that, and I hope not to.


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